Investing in

the technologies

of tomorrow.

We at AmateMint Group are inspired to invest in the technology shaping our society and the world. We employ a fundamental, discretionary long approach to make investments in disruptive blockchains, digital assets, DeepTech, and their associated companies.

AmateMint Group, LLC is an asset management and technology development firm founded by Clinton Buie (ex-Google) and Dave Lowell (ex-Fidelity).

The company invests in technology that will be the building blocks of the 21st century. The company intends to invest in blockchain and deep technology (AI, robotics, quantum computing) enabled companies by performing proprietary research, deep value analysis, and experimentation, giving us early insights into long term performance.

Our team

Combining expertise from renowned institutions (i.e. General Electric, Fidelity) with veteran analysts and technologists from Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Intel—the human capital at AmateMint Group helps empower investors to navigate change in this disruptive space.

Our strategy

We curate a highly selective set of blockchain, digital asset technologies, and companies (along with their associated ecosystems) that we believe will be the next industry leaders in the coming decades. We create a concentrated portfolio of globally traded public securities and digital assets diversified across several sub-sectors and industries.

Key to our investment approach is the integrated analysis of targeted fundamental, macroeconomic and technical factors.

What makes us different

Thorough understanding of underlying technologies

Focus on regulatory compliance and an ability to parse the implications of regulatory changes

Disciplined research process coupled with multi-level risk analysis

Great funds start with great people.

Our team leverages over 90+ collective years of experience within the blockchain, technology, and the finance industries to support the investment objectives of the firm and its limited partners.

Clinton Buie,
Chief Investment Officer

As the Chief Investment Officer of AmateMint Group, Clinton is ultimately responsible for the development and implementation of the investment strategy.

Prior to launching AmateMint Group, Clinton worked at several silicon valley startups (i.e. Humin, Harmonize), and several Fortune 500 technology companies (Microsoft, Intel,  Workday). In addition, Clinton recently was a tech lead at Google, where he focused on building the next generation of live-streaming sports programming for Android and iOS.

Clinton received his bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University and a master's in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Dave Lowell,
Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer of AmateMint Group, Dave is responsible for developing and maintaining the firm’s investment and business infrastructure.

Dave ran an independent financial coaching practice prior to joining AmateMint Group, creating custom holistic financial plans for high income earning millennials. Dave started in the financial industry with Fidelity Investments where he managed over $300 million in client retirement assets. In 2016, he joined Signal Wealth Advisors, later becoming a partner and growing the firm's assets by over 3x. Dave received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Joseph Salvo,
Technology and Business Advisor

Dr. Salvo is the former Director and founder of the Industrial Internet Consortium and manager of Complex Systems Engineering Laboratory at GE Global Research. During his 30+ year tenure, the lab led the commercial releases of complex decision and asset management platforms such as GE VeriwiseTM, GE RailwiseTM, Global Vendor Managed Inventory, Ener.GETM, and E-Materials Management. In addition, he has been awarded over 50 US and EU patents, including several based on blockchain technologies. Currently, Dr. Salvo actively advises startups in asset management, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.

Dr. Salvo received his master's and Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University, and his bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

Bradley Jones,
Hedge Fund Advisor

Mr. Jones is the Managing Partner of Standard Normal, a Boston based alternative investment firm with a portfolio of investments centered around the energy transition. Standard Normal's largest concentration is their quantitative power-trading hedge fund, which buys and sells renewable energy on the electrical grid.

Mr. Jones earned degrees in Physics and Economics from Colorado University Boulder.  Following graduation, Mr. Jones was drafted into the NFL in 2009 and had a successful 7 year career with the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles. Following retirement from the NFL, he studied statistics at Harvard University GSAS from 2017 - 2018, culminating in the sale of three statistical models to a San Francisco based private equity firm in 2018.

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